Mike McGraw was born in 1953 and raised in northern Colorado. He is currently working as a manager of a cattle ranch that resides in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. In 1990, he went back to school and graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Art and emphasized print making in his studies. He has sold his art work privately since the early eighties.

Mike has been involved with ranching and livestock his entire life. His forever love for the outdoors and animals brings a sense of wonder and spirit to his work.

Mike's work also has vitality. A feeling of power and aggressiveness that he contributes to his years of playing college and professional football, martial arts, and a lifetime of competitive athletics.

The lines and shapes in his most recent works evoke imagination. Whether it's the power or sensualness or just the idea of finding different subjects within the main subject. He believes it turns each piece into a viewer participation piece. One has to look and fit the pieces together to make it whole. His style lends itself to any subject matter, color and size, from inches to yards.


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